Criminal Records in Florida: Unveiling the Details (2023)


Florida criminal records are pivotal documents encapsulating a person's involvement in criminal activities within the state's jurisdiction. These records, comprising misdemeanor and felony offenses, arrest data, indictment history, and conviction information, emanate from various county and state-run offices, law enforcement agencies, courts, and correctional institutions.

What's Included in Florida Criminal Records?

  1. Personal Data:

    • Full name, aliases, gender, birth date, nationality/ethnicity.
    • Mugshot and a full set of fingerprints.
    • Unique physical attributes.
  2. Offense Details:

    • Misdemeanor and felony offenses.
    • Arrest history, indictments, convictions, pending dispositions.

Public Accessibility

Yes, Florida criminal records fall under the purview of the Florida Sunshine Laws, allowing public access unless restricted by statute or court order. Third-party aggregate sites provide convenient access, offering a broader search scope than geographic restrictions associated with official sources.

Obtaining Florida Criminal Records

Primarily, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is the central custodian for these records. Electronic access through the Criminal History Record Check website facilitates instant results for a $25.00 search fee. Certified records for official purposes can be obtained through the SHIELD portal, albeit with a longer processing time.

Florida Arrest Records: A Deeper Dive

Arrest records in Florida document a person's alleged involvement in criminal activity, including details of suspected crimes, arresting agency information, and the arrestee's personal details.

Public Accessibility

Florida's Sunshine Laws extend to arrest records, accessible through the arresting agency, typically local police departments or the county Sheriff’s Office. Some records may be cross-jurisdictional, necessitating requests to the custodial agency.

Florida Arrest Warrants: Seeking Legal Authority

Active arrest warrants in Florida authorize arrests and detentions within the state. Issued by judges or magistrates, they may also sanction property search and confiscation.

Accessing Warrant Information

Florida lacks a centralized warrant database. Interested individuals can query the DEA Fugitive Search tool or the U.S. Marshal's Warrant Information System.

Florida Inmate Records: Behind the Bars

Inmate records in Florida offer insights into prisoners and correctional institutions. The Florida Department of Corrections maintains an online searchable database, including inmate details and facility information.

Florida Sex Offender Listing: Safeguarding Communities

Managed by various jurisdictions, these listings provide information on convicted sex offenders, including names, addresses, convictions, and unique identifiers. The state registry, managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, consolidates information across jurisdictions.

DUI in Florida: Navigating Traffic Violations

A DUI in Florida involves operating a vehicle under alcohol influence, with legal consequences ranging from fines to license suspension and imprisonment.

Misdemeanor and Felonies: The Legal Spectrum

Misdemeanors in Florida

Mid-severity offenses, punishable by short jail terms. First-degree misdemeanors carry more severe penalties than second-degree misdemeanors.

Felonies in Florida

Serious offenses with penalties ranging from 5-year to life imprisonment, including capital and life felonies.

Parole, Probation, and Juvenile Records

Florida's parole system, probation alternatives, and juvenile criminal records contribute to the broader criminal justice landscape.


Understanding Florida's criminal records landscape is essential for legal awareness. Accessing these records responsibly, whether for personal or official reasons, requires adherence to legal processes outlined by the FDLE and relevant agencies. Stay informed to navigate Florida's criminal justice system effectively.


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